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※本製品は窯元からのお届けになります。 ※購入価格は急須、1点の価格になります。  湯呑は含まれておりません。 ※本製品はお届けまでに1ヶ月程かかる場合がございます。 お急ぎの方はお手数ですが事前にお問い合わせください。 ■Concept 散居村が美しい富山県砺波地方で150年の歴史を持つ窯元 三助焼と共同で作り上げた急須と湯飲み。地元の素材のみを使うことで生まれる淡く深い色合い、代々引き継がれている取っ手のない個性的なフォルムを持つ急須。素材、伝統を大切にしながら、普段着でも使えるデザインの急須と湯呑みに仕上げた。 In a beautiful dispersed settlement, Tonami, Toyama in Japan, 83Design designed “Kyusu”, Japanese Tea Pot, and “Yunomi”, Japanese Tea Cup, with the local pottery, Sansuke-yaki, which has a history of 150 years. Bernard Leach, one of the most prominent British potters, also appreciated the quality of the pottery. The subtle and rich colour is made by the traditional technique using only the clay and glaze produced by the localnature. Teapots of Sansuke-yaki traditionally have no handle and it produces the characteristic shape as well as it makes it easier to store. This design follows the tradition. While the design is inspired by the history of the pottery and the color, it is still modern and casual. In your busy life, a cup of tea with Kyusu and Yunomi will give you a nice and quiet time to relax. ■Details Color : WHITE,GREEN,BROWN Size(mm) : W100xD113xH96 Material : ceramic ■International shipping 海外発送をご希望の方はメールにてお問い合わせください。 We provide worldwide service. For more details, please send us an e-mail. mail: shop@83design.jp ■83D website http://83design.jp/original-products/576/

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