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  • Raspberry

  • Black

  • Turquoise

  • Lime green

■Concept 人は笑うと歯が覗く。そんな笑顔という少しのきっかけを与えてくれるアイテム。 KEATはドアや冷蔵庫、好きな場所に貼り付けてカギを挿しておくもの。 いつもは無表情のKEAT が、カギを挿すことで笑顔になる。 毎日、KEATが笑顔で迎えてくれる People show their teeth when they smile. ”KEAT” is a product that will give you a brief excuse to receive such a smile. It can be stuck on doors , refrigerators or wherever you please,to stock your key,a cute key stand was born. While it lacks expression on its own,a smile will appear once you put your key in. Your key will never beam is placed , as long as you check on its smile everyday.A small and friendly fellow that will definitely make you smile. ■Details Color : Black, Turquoise, Lime green, Raspberry Size(mm) : W65 x D65 x H19 Material : silicon, zinc die-cast ■International shipping 海外発送をご希望の方はメールにてお問い合わせください。 We provide worldwide service. For more details, please send us an e-mail. mail: shop@83design.jp ■83D website http://83design.jp/original-products/576/

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